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  • Atlas Visuals 3D wallpaper, hi-res computer graphics.
  • Blue House A highly creative 3D animation and visual effects studio, dedicated to servicing the local and international production and ad agencies.
  • Caliber 9 A portal with access to some of the best 3D and 2D artworks in South Africa.
  • Digital Duality 3D and Digital Art 3D art and digital art. A mock site for a student project.
  • Ideas Galore 3D Animation, concepts through to final render. 2D Illustration; design work, sketches and any form of artwork such as paintings, airbrushing.

  • In3D 3D visualisation of buildings, objects and concepts, for artists, architects, real estate agents, manufacturers, developers and interior decorators.
  • Martin Heigan Freelance 3D Animator/VFX Supervisor (Maya) - showreel, resume, HDRI, motion capture, 3D match-moving, character setup & photography.
  • Pulse Graphics 2D and 3D graphics and animation studio producing animation, graphics and effects for video, CD, web and broadcasting.